Selecting a Best Outsource Service Provider

Many of my prospective Australian clients ask me if it is Legal to Outsource my Bookkeeping work?

The answer to same is definitely yes.

You can outsource bookkeeping work offshore to get benefits of outsourcing provided you take adequate care and inform the owner of the information regarding the outsourced work.

A written letter of approval is required from the client giving a consent for outsourcing the work to third party.

However the organization outsourcing the accounts is required to take due care and needs to do due diligence in order to ensure all the pieces fall in correct place.
Here are some of the points which the outsourcer needs to in order to reap all the benefits by outsourcing the job offshore:Successful Outsourcing relationships

  • Quality of services:
    The Outsourcer needs to be assured of the quality services from the outsourced organization.Quality control procedures should be in place with the third party service organizations to ensure qualitative work.
  • Integrity of third party service provider:
    The outsourcer needs to ensure that there are proper non disclosure agreements in place for avoiding misuse of information.
  • Professional Expertise:
    The outsourcer needs to be ensured of the professional expertise of the service organization.
  • Resources of the Service Provider:
    The performance of the third party service provider would depend upon the resources of the service provider and the infrastructure available with the service provider.
  • Monitoring of work:
    Outsourcer needs to monitor the work in order to ensure that the objectives of outsourcing are achieved.

Best luck for your new outsourcing relationship!!

The article is written by Rushabh Shah, he is operations manager at Rayvat Accounting. Rayvat Accounting provides Outsource Accounting and bookkeeping services at low cost to Australia and US based clients. For no obligation free trial of Accounting services contact us at

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