Manage your Outsource Accounts Receivables Effectively

Accounts Receivables management becomes an important aspect of your business when the it is in growing phase. Accounts Receivables Management can act as a savior when the business is facing working capital crunch.

How we manage your receivables:

• You can consider us an extended member of your team.
• We would document all the calls made on your behalf and all email communications done for your business.
• The staff is fully trained in managing your receivables

We would give you a complete report of:

1. Ageing of your receivables
2. Follow up done by us
3. Responses of the clients
4. Report of Disputed Amounts

Advantages of working with us:

Cost Benefit:
1. Cost Benefit: We provide services at highly competitive by outsourcing model.
2. At Rayvat Accounting we shall provide you timely reports to help you analyze the current status of your receivables.
3. Better Receivables Management can help in better working capital turnover and thus help the business to thrive.
4. In most of the cases the receivables are left untouched due to overworked staff and business
5. We shall comply with fair policies for converting your receivables to cash by realistic, prompt as well as pragmatic approach towards receivables management.
6. We shall always ensure to maintain reputation and goodwill of your enterprise.

We would surely reduce unnecessary ageing of your receivable by outsourcing your receivables and thereby better management of working capital.

For More Information Visit Us: Accounts Outsourcing

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